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Great Place to Work


The Great Place to Work ® and Jaime Câmara Group, the main center-north of the communications group, responsible for newspaper serving the People and 26 vehicles in Goias, Tocantins and the Federal District covering the TV media, newspaper, radio and Internet, promote Award Best Companies to Work GPTW - Midwest.

This partnership has the support of the Business Forum of Goiás - made by the Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás (Fieg), Federation of Agriculture and Goiás Livestock (FAEG), Federation of Shopkeepers chambers (FCDL), Federation of Commerce ( Fecomércio), Federation of Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural State of Goiás (Facieg), Commercial and Industrial Association of the State of Goiás (Acieg) and Industrial Pro-Development Association of the State of Goiás (Adial) - and Amcham Goiania.

Scitech is among the 30 best companies to work by completing all the structural, social requirements, ethical and all the tools that the awards process requires.