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Stent Inspiron shows non- inferiority comparing to eluting stent Biolimus A9


According the results published on number 05 edition of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (Cardiovasc Diagn Ther Vol 5, No 5 -2015) the brazilian stent eluting sirolimus  INSPIRON (Scitech) showed equal efficacy compared to Biomatrix eluting stent of Biolimus A9 (Biosensors International) after 9 months of implantation.

The Destiny’s study presented at the 36º SOCESP Congress compared and randomized in a 2:1 the two drug-eluting stents in 170 patients with up to two presence of new lesions.

The primary end point was to evaluate the late loss at 9 months. The major adverse cardiac events were collected prospectively after 1 year.

After 9 months, stent Inspiron demonstrated non-inferiority when compared with Biolimus A9-eluting stent ( angiographic late lumen loss: 0:20 ± 0:29 ± 0:20 0:15 mm vs. mm respectively; p-value for non-inferiority <0.001).

Risk of death, myocardial infarction, second revascularization need and thrombosis remained low and mathematically meaningless for both groups.


In this way, the results of this study support the conclusion that the sirolimus-eluting stent Inspiron presents good clinical and angiographic results after 1 year of implantation when compared to other drug-eluting stent through absorbable polymer abluminal way.

Alexander Moreira, Scitech’s director comments: "Both stents has good clinical outcomes and stent Inspiron is a safe option to demonstrates the angiographic non-inferiority compared to other eluting stent next-generation drug".

About Study Destiny: Destiny was a non-inferiority study, prospective, comparative and random inclusion designed to evaluate the efficacy of Inspiron Stent and Stent of Biolimus A9-eluting after 9 months of implantation. Was conducted between December 2012 and November 2014 by Pedro Lemos, Director of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology Service of InCor - HC-FMUSP and was attended centers: Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology, Hospital for State Civil Servants, Cardiology Institute and University of Cardiology Foundation of Porto Alegre, Encore Hospital, Hospital Bandeirantes, Hospital Santa Izabel, Faculty of Sciences Medium of Santa Casa de São Paulo, Hospital Santa Marcelina and Costantini Cardiac Hospital in the inclusion of patients.