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Stent Inspiron: Proven Safety in High-Risk Patients


November 28, 2015 - 470 patients received the implant at least one stent Inspiron Sirolimus-eluting between April 2013 and January 2015. In this group cited 51.3% were diabetic, 33.8% had disease in more than three vessels, 15.3% had failure heart, 38.9% had at least one bifurcation lesion, 19.8% were treated for restenosis intra stent, 61.9% of the lesions classified as type C and one or more of these features were found in at least 96% of the sample.
After 300 days the results were published in Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (Prado Jr et al Novel DES in high-risk Patients Cardiovasc Diagn Ther 2015 doi:. 10.3978) and revascularization rate of the target lesion (TLR) was 5.4% and the Cardiac Adverse Event rate Holders (MACE) was 8.1%. The incidence of thrombosis or Defined Probable was 0.4% and that no cases were reported between 30 and 300 days after implantation.

The results presented confirm the safety and efficacy of the stent Inspiron day-to-day of a catheterization laboratory. Almost all the treated patients had at least one risk factor for future complications and in this scenario the RLA was approximately 5% at 300 days, with no incidence of definite or probable thrombosis.

Thus the Inspiron Stent is established as a safe option to treat high-risk patients and a clinical scenario and unfavorable angiographic.
About Clinical Registration Inspiron: The Clinical Record with patients in the "real world" and implant the stent Inspiron Sirolimus-eluting was conducted between April 2013 and January 2015 with the support of the Hemodynamics Service and Interventional Cardiology of the InCor - HC-FMUSP directed by Dr. Pedro A. Lemos.
Dr. Guy FA Prado is the author of the original article which featured the collaboration of Dr. Expedito Ribeiro E., Dr. Peter HMC Melo, Dr. Fabio A. Pinton, Dr. Antonio Esteves-Filho, Dr. Celso K. Takimura Dr. Jose Mariani Jr., Dr. J. Luiz Kajita, Dr. Gilberto Marchiori, Dr. Breno Alencar Araripe Hawk, Dr. Micheli Z. Galon, Dr. Paul R. Smith and Dr. Silvio Zalc.
Monitoring of the study was Mrs. responsibility. Patricia Pereira and Mrs. Jacqueline R. Silva.

Media contact and publication: Mr. Erico Rossi | erossi@scitechmedical.com